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Hair Loss In Women

Hair loss can be an issue for women too. While many assume that hair loss and balding are strictly a male issue, there are actually many women in Toronto and across Ontario that suffer from the same problem, with the same symptoms. The good news is that hair loss in women is just as treatable as it is for men. Hair restoration and hair transplant options are available for women with all types of hair loss issues.


Hair Loss In Women Versus Hair Loss In Men
The main difference is that female pattern baldness is usually associated with general hair thinning throughout the entire surface of the scalp, versus male pattern baldness which is usually associated with a horseshoe-shaped balding process from the crown forward to the frontal hairline and temples.There is no single reason for this “general hair thinning” effect in Women. Rather, it is usually caused by a combination of factors.


Hair Loss In Women Is More Common Than Most Realize
Contrary to popular belief, hair loss is relatively common in women with about 30% experiencing at least some degree of thinning in their lifetime. Because female hair loss tends to be diffuse (less hair all over), rather than showing the characteristic “patterned alopecia” of men, and the fact that the frontal hairline in women is often maintained, there is a misconception that hair loss in women is rare – but it is not.


The Three Most Common Factors For Female Hair Loss

  1. Genetics
    Inheritance, through DNA, is definitely one of the strongest underlying factors involved in hair loss both for men and women. However, with women, this genetic trait seems to be less prevalent than in men. It seems to be almost of the “recessive gene type” where as in men the gene type is dominant.
  1. Hormonal changes in the body
    Hormonal changes in the human body are other strong factors that will influence predetermined genetic traits. This means that for example, a woman undergoing menopause may experience accelerated hair loss. As perhaps will another woman recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. The point is that changes in body hormone levels whether due to an underlying condition, stress related or due to an age process will influence the normal course of balding.
  1. Stress
    Stress is more and more becoming known medically as one of the most influential catalysts to general malaise. Stress is, without a doubt, on the rise in modern day society, and with it comes a host of conditions, baldness among one of them. It is easy for someone to advise you to reduce stress, but actually making this change usually involves altering lifestyle and most people are not willing to do it.Stress reduces the immune system’s ability to fight infection and increases the normal course of aging thereby augmenting the hair loss rate. If you notice that more hair than usual is coming out when brushing or clumps of hair are showing up in the shower drain, then there is a chance your hair loss can be a stress related issue.


Other Factors Cause Hair Loss in Females
While genetics, hormones and stress are leading factors for hair loss in women, there are many other factors can also play important roles in female thinning or hair loss. Here are some of the other reasons why women experience hair loss and come in for hair transplant and hair restoration treatments at our Toronto office:


  • Lack of protein in your diet
  • Anemia and iron deficiency
  • Too much vitamin A and vitamin B deficiency
  • Extreme weight loss in a short period of time


As you can see, many of these factors are diet and health related and the good news is that you can work on controlling these factors to show down or stop hair loss.


Hair Restoration and Hair Transplants For Women
Although there is no cure, realize that hair loss is a completely normal process, even for women – and that VIP Cosmetic Clinic has a solution, no matter what stage of thinning or baldness you may be experiencing! We offer a variety of hair restoration and hair transplant procedures for women just like you!


Experiencing Hair Loss? Live in Toronto? Book a Free Consultation
If you are a women and is experiencing hair loss and live in the Toronto area, we can help. Contact us today to book a free consultation. We will explore the root of your hair loss issues and suggest the best solutions for your unique situation. Let the experts at VIP Cosmetic Clinic help determine the best hair loss solution for you. Book your no obligation free consultation today!