Why Us?

It may be overwhelming for someone experiencing hair loss to decide on which hair replacement centre is the best for them. When making this decision, we advise you to do your research and ensure that the centre you choose has all the following qualities that have made VIP Cosmetic Clinic so successful for the past 40 years.

We call them the 10 COMMANDMENTS of hair replacement.

10 Reasons That Give VIP Cosmetic Clinic The Edge

VIP Cosmetic Clinic and it’s founder Chris Vasiliadis, stand for the epitome of hair replacement and hair restoration in Toronto since 1967. There are very few players in the industry who have not been influenced or even trained by VIP Cosmetic Clinic at one time. This experience goes a long way when it comes to making you achieve the best possible esthetic appearance with your hair.

VIP Cosmetic Clinic have had a tradition of excellence for four decades and continue to be the leader in its industry for responsible and quality products and workmanship. VIP Cosmetic Clinic knows that good things take time and after 40 years of hard work and dedication, the results are evident in its’ thousands of satisfied customers.

VIP Cosmetic Clinic continue to be the benchmark in customer service in the industry. Always greeting customers with a smile, from the time you come through the door to the time you leave. Professional, courteous service that leaves you completely satisfied. Come and experience the service first hand and we are certain you will be pleasantly surprised.

Simply put, VIP Cosmetic Clinic’s response to customer concern is immediate. No delays or a lot of smoke and mirrors like other companies try to unveil on their customers. VIP Cosmetic Clinic provides their customers with facts and realistic expectations with all of its products and services. If a specific concern is not addressed on the get-go, than VIP Cosmetic Clinic guarantees that the issue will be addressed the moment it is brought up…no questions asked. Whatever the problem is, it will be solved!

Most hair replacement companies in the industry these days purchase their products from a hand full of the same suppliers. Thus, their product selection is limited. Since, VIP Cosmetic Clinic has the exclusive rights to the VERSACCHI, HAIRWARE USA, and CTR PROCESS products in all of Ontario, no one can even come close to competing with the quality and diversity and selection of the VIP Cosmetic Clinic’s line of products.

COSMETIC TRANSDERMAL RECONSTRUCTION (CTR) is hands down, the most natural hair replacement procedure available. There are many companies who try to imitate CTR by calling it other names and using inferior products, but don’t be fooled, there is only one CTR. We welcome existing hair replacement customers from other centers to try CTR. If you are not completely convinced by the remarkable superiority of CTR compared to any other hair replacement product on the market, we will make you the hair replacement of your choice for FREE.

In-house financing has been a tradition at VIP Cosmetic Clinic from the beginning. We realize that budget is one of the most important, if not the most important factor in your decision making process concerning your hair. That’s why we do everything possible to accommodate your budget on your terms. Our philosophy is simple: If you are consistent with your payments, we will not charge any interest and allow you us much time as is reasonably necessary to pay your balance in full.

VIP Cosmetic Clinic employs staff dedicated to the repair of hair replacement systems and to the addition of hair, all under one roof. Therefore, for most minor repairs and hair additions, you can literally get service while you wait, without having to wait weeks for products to be shipped overseas for repair.

VIP Cosmetic Clinic is so proud of its work that we let our clients’ appearance speak for itself. At anytime, should you feel it necessary to inspect, talk to or view a CTR procedure or any other procedure or client for that matter in order to assist you in making your decision, arrangements can be made FREE OF CHARGE for you to do so. Simply book your appointment and request to have a free demonstration visit. One will be scheduled for you within a few days.

VIP Cosmetic Clinic backs its products for design, quality and workmanship 100% GUARANTEED. If you are not completely satisfied, VIP Cosmetic Clinic will make another product of your choice at no additional cost to you.