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Why Does Hair Loss Occur?

Why Does Hair Loss Occur?

No one wants to lose their hair, but it happens. It is part of life and most people will experience some degree of hair loss in their lifetime, especially as you age.

While men are more likely to lose their hair than women, due to male pattern baldness, hair loss and thinning of hair happens to women as well.

Hair loss, in men and women, can be worrisome. One of the main reasons why people grow so concerned when they see extra hair falling out is because they are not sure of the reasons why hair loss is occurring in the first place.

Most people don’t realize that you lose hair on a daily basis. “Men and women lose an average of 40 to 100 strands of hair daily. The growth stage can range from two to six months with the hair growing at an average of one-half inch per month. The hair transition phase takes place after the growth stage and happens for about one to two weeks after which the resting phase occurs when the hair is then shed at a rate of 40 to 100 strands on any given day,” says Trevor Mulholland from healthguidance.org.

While some hair loss is normal, noticeable hair loss is something that needs to be addressed. To do this, you need to know the reasons for your hair loss.

3 Main Reasons For Hair Loss

Hair loss can happen for a variety of reasons. It can be temporary, hereditary or have to do with your lifestyle. Here are the most common reasons why men and women experience hair loss:

1.Genetics: Yep – somethings there is nothing that you can do about hair loss because it’s in your DNA. If you have a history of balding in your family, there is a good chance you will experience it as well.

2.Age: As you get older, you become more likely to experience hair loss or thinning. For some this can start happening as early as your 20s.

3.Hormone imbalance: Experiencing hormonal changes in your body can have a side effect of hair loss.

Other Reasons Why Hair Loss Occurs

In addition to the above three reasons for hair loss, there are also many other reasons why you many have hair loss or thinning issues, many of which are related to your diet, lifestyle, and health conditions. Reasons for hair loss include:

  • Physical and emotional stress
  • Losing too much weight too quickly
  • Pregnancy
  • Hormone changes in women
  • Anemia
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Autoimmune system issues
  • Lupus
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Male pattern baldness
  • Heredity
  • Too much vitamin A
  • Vitamin B deficiency
  • Taking certain medications (methotrexate, lithium, antidepressants)
  • Taking anabolic steroids
  • Not eating enough protein
  • Styling and coloring your hair too much

As you can see there is no shortage of reasons why you may experience temporary hair loss. However, if you notice your hair is getting thinner and your hair loss continues, even after you take steps to correct the cause of hair loss, then you should see a hair loss professional in Toronto.

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